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10 Growth Hacks for increasing E-commerce Sales Fast
July 28 2021 | By Joshua Davis
Here are the 10 smart ways you can increase e-commerce sales:

1. Build Trust of Your Brand

Check out some of the tactics you can use to build trust amongst the customers about your brand:

  • Improve the quality of your products. Sell what your product description says. This indicates that you are honest with your customers.
  • Keep customers engaged on your social media pages. You can conduct webinars, shoot live videos of your warehouse/office, and initiate sweepstakes. All these activities help you engage your customers.
  • Share user-generated content on your blogs, social media pages, and website. These can be testimonials of your products or tweets of your users who had a wonderful experience shopping from your web store.
  • Ask users to provide an honest review of your service on review & rating websites.
  • Choose reliable hosting for e-commerce that is optimized for quick load times.
It is always better to have knowledge about business governing laws of different countries before you market to them. Following compliance requirements will only help you boost e-commerce sales.

2. Set Your Prices Right

Now that you have built some trust, people will visit your online store. It is time you set the right quotes so that these people can buy from your store.

  • Learn about the cost other stores are charging for the same product. Maybe you can leverage cost as your unique selling point.
  • Change your wholesaler if he/she is selling the product for a higher cost. You may have to search the market for this but it will be worth in the long-term
  • Consider decreasing shipping prices or providing free shipping if people spend more than a particular amount on your store, let’s say $100.

3. Create a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What makes you stand out from the rest of the online stores?
  • What is your product’s cost?
  • What is the product quality like?
  • What type of customer service do you offer?

Now capitalize on these points.

Sometimes you don’t even realize what your USP is. If that is the case, visit the review websites and see what your customers are writing about you and what keywords they are using. These are the keywords that describe your service to your audience. Use them in your marketing material as they are the WORDS of your CUSTOMERS.

4. Optimize & Split Test Website

You only have 15 seconds to grab the attention of the user. If you can’t, you lose them. This is called the 15-second rule of website usability. The second most important rule of conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the 3-click rule. It says that a site user should require only three clicks to reach the checkout page. Make sure that you optimize your website according to your needs.

5. Offer Exceptional Customer Service

People are more likely to buy from those companies that resolve user complaints efficiently. That is why your store must offer effective customer service to your customers. You have got some work to do:

  • Add Live Chat option to your e-commerce store.
  • Allow chatbots to answer most of the questions people ask. This will decrease the number of chats you have to answer manually and increase the number of orders you get.
  • Send personalized email messages to your customers and reply to them immediately in case of complaints
  • Use 24/7 phone support as it can increase the trust factor for your store.

6. Decrease Shipping Times

What do people do when they don’t receive their orders on time? They have a few options. They can cancel their orders, charge back their credit cards, or post a negative review about the e-commerce store.

In e-commerce, shipping times play an important role in your store’s ratings. You must ensure that you dispatch orders in quick time. You can reduce the number of late deliveries by:

  • Providing free shipping. Your customers should have the option to choose the type of shipping they want. If they want faster shipping, they should pay more for it. Otherwise, they can always opt for the free shipping option.
  • Using third-party logistics (3PL) to handle your store’s logistics and delivery operations.

7. Create Unique Copy

Writing unique copy is very important to increase online sales, and will help you distinguish your business apart from others in the same market. Companies like Apple are able to set themselves apart because of their copywriters. By writing engaging taglines and content, they create a brand identity that’s different from the rest. Here are some tips for writing unique copy that will help increase online sales:

  • Incorporate the right keywords.
  • Make sure you follow a consistent brand tone.
  • Play around with words. Don’t be too restrictive with content.

8. Show Off Testimonials

Apart from building trust with your brand, it’s also important that you show off testimonials on your website. It’s a fantastic way to show off your company’s performance and make people aware of the quality of service that you offer.

9. Provide Multiple Payment Options

Apart from building trust with your brand, it’s also important that you show off testimonials on your website. It’s a fantastic way to show off your company’s performance and make people aware of the quality of service that you offer.

10. Take Top-Notch Product Images

Taking high-end product images is critically important to boost e-commerce sales. If you want to increase online sales, you should always take high-end e-commerce product images because that inspires confidence amongst users. It’s important that you take high-end imagery in order to make sure that your products present themselves in the right manner. This is going to help you promote your products in the right light. This will help you boost e-commerce sales dramatically.


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