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You are the Boss,
So, Stay as the BOSS.

RevEx is founded so that you could grow your business, without selling its soul.

About Revex

About RevEx

RevEX stands for Revenue Exchange and is geared to help founders of growth companies get lower fee based and faster financing for their immediate Business Needs. This financing comes to you within 24-48 hrs of providing the required information and entails no equity dilution, no personal guarantees and no restrictive covenants. Founders of these growth companies can use this upfront cash to scale their businesses and can pay back through a customized Revenue Share Agreement and a small fee based on their companies’ MRR (monthly recurring revenue). Applying for financing at RevEx takes less than 3 minutes and there is no application fee or any other hidden fee involved.

You are the BOSS, So, Stay as the BOSS: With financing from RevEx, Founders of the growth companies continue to have full control of their businesses and can grow their business in their own special way. This financing also helps Founders extend their runway without compromising on their vision.

RevEx is backed by 2X founders and so, we very well understand the needs of our fellow founders. Our mission behind founding RevEx has been to deliver high impact financial solutions for growth companies to cater to their varied needs, so that founders of these companies never have to worry about growth funding.

Our founding Team has multiple decades of experience at CXO level in Marquee Companies like Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Citi, American Express, Deloitte, Intuit as well as founding and scaling Institutional Investor backed technology companies.

RevEx’s proprietary platform can rapidly check a company’s eligibility in a short time as soon as the company syncs its Banking, Financial Accounting and Billing data; And, the funds will be in the company's account within a day. So, the end-to-end “Apply, Offer, Approve and Fund” process can be completed within 24-48 hrs.

In a nut-shell, RevEx helps Businesses get funding online with just a few clicks & can scale their growth with no equity or personal collateral share. Please check out Growth Calculator on how RevEx can help you turbo-charge your Business Growth.

Our Core Values

Team on Mission
Team on a mission

RevEx is made up of amazing individuals, but it’s only through teamwork that we achieve greatness.

Be Pioneers
Be Pioneers

We innovate and push for boundless creativity through curiosity.

Think big
Think big

Being in the new age of RBF funding, RevEx requires unrivalled vision, innovation and execution. We never settle — in everything we do, we challenge our ideas of what is possible to better meet the needs of the Founders.

Challenge and Collaborate
Challenge and Collaborate

To truly live this value, you welcome hard conversations and don’t make assumptions - ask and answer questions. Rely on each other to find solutions. Your teams should be your toughest critics, your biggest challengers and your loudest supporters.

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