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Revenue based financing
Revenue based Financing: What is it?
Sep 26 2021 | By James Garcia
Many high growth companies are now opting for revenue-based financing (RBF) instead of approaching venture funds or angel investors. If you are wondering what the fuss is about, here is a low down...
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Pros and Cons of Revenue based funding
Pros and Cons of Revenue based funding
Sep 14 2021 | By Henry Jacob
Revenue-based funding is a better alternative or nicer complement to equity or debt funding. As a good fit for growing startups, it allows startup founders to maintain more ownership and control of their business than they would under equity funding. Below we highlight the pros and cons in relation to other startup funding options...
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7 Sassy ways to scale your SaaS Start-up
7 Sassy ways to scale your SaaS Start-up
Aug 14 2021 | By William Thomas
After you’ve gotten your SaaS business up and running, determined your product/ market fit, and even secured some funding, you get to the scaling step. Then, there’s the expansion stage, which you’ll reach once you’ve figured out which growth levers you should pull to make your business generate more and more revenue.
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10 Growth Hacks for increasing E-commerce Sales Fast
July 28 2021 | By Joshua Davis
It is always better to have knowledge about business governing laws of different countries before you market to them. Following compliance requirements will only help you boost e-commerce sales.
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