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RevEx is a Revenue Exchange that helps Founders grow their Business their way and faster. Founders can EXchange their future REVenue with upfront Cash to scale the business and pay back through tailor made Revenue Share Agreement and a small flat fee. So, One Can grow One’s company with no debt or dilution. Please check out “Growth Calculator” on how RevEx can help you turbo-charge your Business Growth.
In 3 quick and easy steps, RevEx provides you Fast, Flexible, Non-Dilutive Funding to meet your capital needs:

1. Share your data: To get started “Get Funded”, share your business data from the Bank, Financial Statements, and Billings/ Subscriptions so that we can get you the best deal for your business
2. Select a Funding Offer: Once you share the data, we will reach out to you with a funding option that best suits your needs in less than 24 hrs. All our funding options are uniquely customized for your business.
3. Turbocharge your growth: Use these funds to grow your business while retaining ownership and pay back in small instalments customized for your business needs.
RevEx makes it easier than ever to get the funding you need for your fast-growing business. Just Share/Sync the requested business data with our secure platform, and we'll present you with an attractive customized low-fee offer in less than 24 hours and fund you in a few hours after you accept the offer.
Funds will be transmitted to your registered ACH Bank account once you accept the RevEx offer and approve the Funding. Then, RevEx withdraws the payments on agreed-upon periodic basis through ACH process as well.
Any Tech/ E-Commerce/ SaaS Company (from bootstrapped to listed) with predictable revenue and good growth rate can avail our funding. Currently we are funding only USA based companies but soon will be available in other countries. Here are the other criteria:

1. Corporations or limited liability companies in USA
2. 6+ months of revenue greater than USD 10k/month
There's absolutely no sign-up cost or hidder fee to join- just a couple of minutes of your time to apply.
We're not banks (but far more flexible and relationship oriented than banks); However, we make money the same way as Banks do thru spreads.
Fast Funding: Get funding offer in hours and funds in your account in 1 Day. Get top-up funding too as needed.

1. Founder Friendly: Funding is customized for your unique business needs and comes with simple founder friendly terms (No fine-print or Gotcha). You use these funds whichever way you want (No restrictions from our side).
2. Relationship Driven and Not Transactional: we are founders ourselves and truly care about your success. So, our focus is on nurturing life-long relationship with you rather than just cookie-cutter funding.
3. Go Extra-Mile: We measure our success based on your success and so, we always go extra-mile in helping you accomplish your goals.
4. No Dilution, Debt or Idle Funds: Our flexible funding comes with no equity dilution or debt covenants. You pay for what you use and that too on a revenue share basis in easy installments.
5. True Partners: As you scale and need more funds, we provide you more funds and as you work longer with us, we automatically reduce your rates.
Your data is as safe as a Bank-Vault with us. We follow “Bank Grade” encryption with all your data and private information so that you can rest assured about the safety and security of the Data
Not at all; RevEx doesn’t require any Personal Guarantees
If a customer churns before the completion of payment period then RevEx will swap another customer contract of similar size with the churned customer.

EXchange your future

REVenue with upfront Cash

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